Walls Surround You:
Walls are shelter. Walls are privacy. Walls keep things in and keep things out. We are surrounded by them, and when we are lucky, kept safe and warm by them. Walls are ubiquitous yet sometimes they are cursorily styled, not as an afterthought, but almost as a non-thought, something to merely hang a picture on. Other times they are works of art themselves, outstanding jewels that are perfectly suited to their environments. This is dedicated to those outstanding walls that surround us.

As a high-end creative design company devoted exclusively to innovative surfaces, finishes and coverings for interiors, SuperStrata fulfills the demand for unique and innovative products for you or your client. We apply artistic expertise to every product and every project.

SuperStrata can be retained for custom design work or clients can choose from a long line of groundbreaking products. SuperStrata specializes in designing cutting-edge wall finishes that integrate quality plasters and paints with innovative materials and processes such as clay, semi-precious stones, micas, screen printed patterns, and many other high design combinations, to create an interior design experience that goes beyond the traditional.

Set apart by our commitment to creativity, close attention to detail, quality materials, workmanship of the highest caliber, and superior client service, we have been recognized by some of the world’s most prominent designers and architects. SuperStrata has distinguished itself as the leading design company of its kind by providing close, personal consultation and full service from the initial creative process through production and installation.

Check out our website:  www.superstratausa.com

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