Friday Focus – Gabriel Hendifar & APPARATUS

TGIF! This is the first of our new series, Friday Focus. Every Friday we will feature a favorite single interior or product that we’ve discovered. This week it happens to be both.

We were first introduced to APPARATUS at IFDANY’s Rising Stars of Design. It’s founders, Gabriel Hendifar & Jeremy Anderson, were there to accept the IFDANY honor for APPARATUS. Their presentation was charming, and WOW, did we fall hard for APPARATUS’ refreshing fixtures replete with sumptuous materials (like matte black python!) and expert hand finishing.

But something else caught our eyes too, and not surprisingly, it has to do with walls. They shared an image of a hand painted wall design based on geological strata in their former Los Angeles home that had the entire audience swooning. That design later inspired Strata Study, an APPARATUS linen wall covering collaboration with ZAK+FOX.

We’re in love.

If that weren’t enough, it seems that Gabriel Hendifar has some serious interior design chops.  One only needs to see this Hendifar designed dining room to fall even harder. Sigh.



APPARATUS founder, Gabriel Hendifar, designed dining room features the hand painted inspiration for Strata Study on the walls as well as an APPARATUS chandelier. Photo via APPARATUS

A name after our own hearts! Available though ZAK+FOX, Strada Study linen by APPARATUS X ZAK+FOX. Photo via APPARATUS

A name after our own hearts! Available through ZAK+FOX, Strata Study linen by APPARATUS X ZAK+FOX. Photo via APPARATUS


There’s a whole lotta GLAMOUR going on!

As we thought might happen, trends are emerging in the collaborative Wall Pin Wednesday board and the accompanying discussion on Twitter. The most obvious, for well, obvious reasons, is graphic, eye-catching wallpapers. It makes a perfect backdrop for interesting, über glamorous interiors and has quite a legacy of doing so. Of course, the venerable Dorothy Draper and her legendary designs for the Greenbrier come to mind!

Palm Wallpaper at the Greenbrier, decorated by Dorothy Draper in a 2012 spread by Bergdorfs

Case in point: Berdorf Goodman did a “cover story” for June 2012 at the Greenbrier, decorated by Dorothy Draper. It’s iconic palm wallpaper paves the way for the entire editorial, populated with labels that make up the who’s who of glamorous fashion. The model is wearing Oscar de la Renta. Photograph by Arnaud Pyvka.

Pink and white graphic wallpaper in an Interior Design by Cayley Barrett

From the 2011 Kip’s Bay Decorator Showhouse comes this brushy, seemingly hand-painted wallpaper in bubble gum pink on white. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the Marilyn Minter photograph glimpsed in the gilded mirror! Interior Design by Cayley Barrett. Photo by Isa Salazar. Originally via Lonny, submitted via Lisa League aka @agirlandamac for #WallPinWednesday.

At this point, I’d like to take a moment to lament. We ALWAYS want to give credit for any images we post here. My detective work is sometimes easy, but many times not. Our goal is not only to give credit where we found the image, but also to it’s creator, photographer, designer, and to the manufacturer of the product(s) depicted. If at any time, you can identify something we haven’t been able to, please leave a comment. To that end, if anyone can tell me what the above wallpaper is, I’d be thrilled.

A Kelly Wearstler designed sitting rrom with de Gournay wallpaper

We’re not sure you can do a post on glamorously colorful wallpaper and NOT include Kelly Wearstler. This Washington state home designed by Wearstler was featured in Elle Decor. Every single room is a delight in wall candy, and this de Gournay wallpapered sitting room radiating in mid-century glamour, is no exception. Photo by Mikkel Vang. via Lisa League aka @agirlandamac for #WallPinWednesday.

Black and White palm wallpaper in Interior Designer Meredith Heron's home

What is black and white and glamorous all over? This entryway vignette in Interior Designer Meredith Heron‘s home. Originally via HGTV Canada and ecstatically repinned for #WallPinWednesday from the Pinterest board “Walls I Love” by Customized Walls.

Zebra doors by Miles Redd

No, this isn’t wallpaper. But it’s beyond glamorous, eye-catching, and creative. These zebra print upholstered and studded doors were designed by Interior Designer Miles Redd. via Courtney Price Design for #WallPinWednesday

We couldn’t leave it at that! We had to find the rest of the room flanked by these marvelous doors, especially when we learned that they belonged to the living room of Miles Redd! From a wonderful post and interview with the designer via New York Social Diary.

There are many more inspiring interior design images on the #WallPinWednesday board including some from Noir Blanc Design, Feia Construction, Royal Design Studio, Mark Johnson FAIA, Julia Mack Design, Avente Tile, and some stunning antiqued mirror panels by Garay Artisans via Fauxology, see them all HERE.

We’d love to have you join in on the visual conversation that is #WallPinWednesday! Your contributions are what makes it so much fun and oh so fabulous! So, join the party that celebrates outstanding walls in interior design!

Wall Pin Wednesday

We were recently inspired by one of our favorite chats on Twitter, Interior Designer Chat. Well, truth be told that’s not unusual! But during this particular session the topic was Pinterest, and the discussion, as always, was fast, furious, and fun. Pinterest, if you are unfamiliar, is a fairly new social media site that allows users to collect, “pin”, and share images on “boards”. It basically takes the place of a scrapbook, mood board or inspiration board. The Interior Design community is rightfully quite smitten with Pinterest. It’s a fantastic tool, and especially so for creative and visually based businesses.

The conversation, moderated by the founder of the chat, the lovely Barbara Segal of Noir Blanc Design, was steered toward the idea of collaborative Pinterest boards. At this point, Clever Storage, a clever kitchen storage design company, chimed in that they had started something called #DesignPinThurs or in non-tweet parlance Design Pin Thursday. Basically people can pin a design themed image, give it the hashtag #DesignPinThurs, tweet it, and voila, they will re-pin it onto a collaborative inspiration board.

We LOVED this idea so much that Wall Pin Wednesday was born and christened with the hashtag #WallPinWednesday. It works like this- tweet an interior design or architectural pin that boasts fabulous walls with the hashtag #WallPinWednesday, and we will re-pin as many as we can to a devoted collaborative board on Pinterest. Whether wallpaper, murals, fabric, mosaics, tile, glass, plaster finishes, distressed walls, paint, wood: as long as it is wonderfully wall related, it is #WallPinWednesday worthy. You can also follow the action on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #WallPinWednesday.

We realize that Twitter is not for everyone, and well, frankly, the lingo to the uninitiated can be confusing.  But never fear, there will be eye candy in Wall Pin Wednesday for you as well. Simply check out the resulting board every week to see what people are pinning. Or you can check in here for round-up posts of the top Wall Pin Wednesday pins!

Here are a few fabulous interiors with noteworthy walls that we’ve found on or shared on Pinterest.

Creative color blocking on Pinterest

Using creative color blocking to define the dimensions of a space. Originally via Desire To Inspire via Skona Hem.

Leopard Wallpaper

Luxury on the wild side with leopard walls. Pinned via The Decorista.

A lacquered sitting room by Interior Designer Miles Redd

Miles Redd does walls like no other. The dark teal lacquer of this sitting room coupled with pops of orange and turquoise is just one the elements that make it truly spectacular. Re-pinned via ABC Dragoo.

An arched hallway vignette is washed white.

A gorgeously framed hallway vignette is perfection in white. Re-pinned via Elizabeth de Montfort Walker.

de Gournay wallpaper with artistic flourish

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Manhattan boudoir luxuriates in custom de Gournay wallpaper with golden gestural strokes by artist Nancy Lorenz. Re-pinned via Webster & Company. Originally from ELLE Decor, May 2007, Photographer William Waldron.

We look forward to seeing your pins for #WallPinWednesday, and remember, we will be posting Round-Ups of the top Wall Pin Wednesday images right here!

To see the inspiring Pinterest boards of Interior Designer Chat, click here.

You can also check us out on Pinterest, where we pin our (and your) inspirations and obsessions.

Book Recommendation: The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors

The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors

The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors

The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors By Muriel Brandolini with Amy Tai and Principle Photography by Pieter Estersohn

The first of our book recommendations, The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors, was recently given to our creative director as a birthday gift. While familiar with interior designer Muriel Bandolini’s work, we had not had the pleasure of perusing this well written, beautifully photographed, and truly inspiring book. We quickly realized that it would make the top of our recommendation list; it is not only filled with jaw dropping interiors that infuse bold juxtapositions of color, texture, pattern, and periods, just what Muriel is famous for, but it highlights the sumptuous walls that set her unconventionally elegant stages.

Muriel Brandolini Fabric Walls and Ceiling

An upstairs bedroom in Brandolini's Long Island home's guest house. The space feels welcoming and secluded with walls and ceiling of matching patterned fabric. The bright magenta high gloss wooden floor plays off the walls and lends a glamorous edge.

In fact, creative and distinctive walls are at the very core of Muriel’s practice. As Wendy Goodman, the Design Editor of New York magazine, tells us in the introduction, Muriel “blazed the trail” in 1993 with her very own home. It seems the family was subletting an apartment that while perfect in so many other ways unfortunately boasted faux marble painted walls that did not suit her vision for the space. Worse, the walls could not be painted over according to the rental agreement. Never one to be put off, Muriel found an ingenious solution and  “high-tailed it down to the garment district, where she purchased colorful fabric scraps and then made them into patchwork wall hangings and curtains. The result took your breath away; she had set her course, transforming the apartment into a magical galley, a ship afloat in her unique bohemian glamour and offbeat sense of elegance.”

Bedroom By Muriel Brandolini with

On the Park in New York City, this bedroom has walls covered with squares of straw randomly rotated and adorned with handmade baskets from the Amazon.

Page after page illustrates Muriel’s unique style and flair for creating walls that are so much more than a backdrop. Never one to use wallpaper- she finds it “cold”- she embraces fabric instead and much of it is custom and embroidered or beaded. She has been known to use clients’ lives as inspirations for these creations, with words as pattern that are derived directly from their experiences.

Custom beaded wall covering designed by Muriel Brandolini

1960's plaid chairs from Italy embrace a steel table by Piet Hein Eek in this refreshing kitchen. The walls wear Holland & Sherry felt that is beaded with patterned happy "pills", each bearing a word from Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". More like a perfect kitchen!

Detail of beaded bespoke beaded fabric by Muriel Brandolini.

Detail of bespoke felt wall covering hand beaded in Vietnam.

In the book, Muriel’s musings on her relationships with her clients, her inspirations, life, and creative practice are ingeniously interspersed with clients’ reflections of the process.  The presentation of the designer’s thoughts followed directly by her clients’, is such an apt metaphor for the work and process, and more importantly for the final outcome. Each informs the other: client and visionary, lives lived and lives envisioned. Layer upon layer, a rich amalgam is revealed.

Muriel Brandolini embroidered fabic.

On the left, a wall covering with words from the owner's life are embroided onto a warm gray felt. On the right: an office with a hand-beaded circle design wall panel.

Chalkboard wall in a playful kitchen by Muriel Brandolini.

The well used chalkboard wall in this playful kitchen is the perfect juxtaposition for the 1950's chandeliers, custom stainless steel island, and Gino Carallo dining chairs.

A signature chair by Muriel Brandolini in one of her interiors.

A chair by Brandolini is accompanied by a "ring" coffee table by City Joinery. The walls in this home were "built to a size that would match the wall coverings" creating a seamless visual experience.

Muriel Brandolini Beaded Wall Treatment in an Entry

Signature style: custom beaded fabric bejewels this entry's walls with the lyrics from her clients' favorite Rolling Stones song.

Muriel Brandolini bedroom in horizontal stripes.

In a room meant for "both play and study" the designer along with Cameron Prather created a striped wall treatment consisting of padded felt rows. She calls them "sausage walls". We call them fantastic!

All interiors/images from The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors By Muriel Brandolini with Amy Tai and Principle Photography by Pieter Estersohn


At SuperStrata we are all about great walls: yours, ours, and their’s; so while we create cutting edge plaster and paint wall finishes, this is the place where we champion the amazing walls that we find around us.