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You can also check out a guest blog post that we did for Fauxology, a wonderful blog on decorative wall treatments, featuring one of our favorite projects.

Deconstructed Elegance

“We were so excited to be asked by the lovely and talented Regina Garay to contribute to Fauxology, one of our favorite blogs! Our answer was an immediate and resounding “Yes!” What to actually focus on was another matter. The world of decorative wall finishes is an exciting, multi-faceted place. In the end, we decided to write about a project where we got to do what we love: collaborate.” read more…

Nicole Fuller's NYC living room in LivingEtc with lime paint an plaster wall treatments by SuperStrata

Interior designer Nicole Fuller's NYC apartment is an elegant "masterpiece". A custom lime paint finish in the living room is a collaboration between the talented designer and SuperStrata. See more pictures, including the custom beeswax wall drawing in the master bedroom, and read about the process in our guest post on Fauxology. Photo via LivingEtc

About Fauxology

Fauxology is a fantastic resource for wall and interior design inspiration. Begun by Regina Garay of Garay Artisans in 2007 to chronicle  the love affair between Interior Design and painting, pattern, and finishes, it’s a must read. We can’t thank Regina enough for featuring us! We are honored to be included in her romance!