Wall Gram Wednesday: The Decorista

It’s that day of the week again when we highlight an interior design or architecture must follow on Instagram. For this week’s #WallGramWednesday, we give you the  Instagram account of Ashlina Kaposta aka @TheDecorista. The Decorista’s instagram feed satisfies our most glam interior design cravings with a well curated dose of inspirational interiors mixed with her own design endeavors.

The Decorista Instagram

Photo via @thedecorista on Instagram

The Decorista Instagram

Photo of interior designed by Dallas Shaw via @thedecorista on Instagram

The Decorista Instagram

Photo via @thedecorista on Instagram

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Venetian Plaster: Those In The Know Don’t Faux

High Sheen Polished Authentic White Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

Custom Authentic Polished Venetian Plaster by SuperStrata for Nicole Fuller Interiors.

In the last few decades the polished Italian limestone plaster as luminous as a pearl has come to be known as Venetian Plaster. Driving its immense popularity is its undeniable beauty, but behind the accent walls there is a storm brewing.

The tempest on the horizon of the design world could very well end the rein of Venetian Plaster as a “timeless” and “classic” wall treatment; the proliferation of badly done fakes by untrained “professionals” and “certified” painting contractors could render this once legendary finish a mere trend. In fact, many so-called “Venetian Plasters” that are installed today are the equivalent of buying Louis Vuitton bags on Canal St: they aren’t real; they aren’t natural; they aren’t quality; and they look like plastic!

True Venetian Plaster and its resplendent aesthetic qualities can only be accomplished with real limestone plaster and great artisanal technique. Authentic Venetian Plaster is made of slaked lime, marble dust, and water. As the plaster cures, it reabsorbs carbon dioxide from the air and returns to a stone state, strong and radiant with the depth of color and translucence of the natural stone that it is comprised of, limestone and marble.

modernCustom authentic, polished yellow Venetian Plaster walls in a mezzanine.

Custom authentic, polished Venetian Plaster walls with little color mottling in a modern mezzanine rivals lacquer for the title of queen of sheen. With the added bonus of being eco-friendly, the all natural plaster finish wins the crown every time. Interior design by Nicole Fuller Interiors. Walls by SuperStrata.

Now you can buy a can of something labeled “Venetian Plaster” at Home Depot, but what is in the can is not Venetian Plaster. The proliferation of these canned imposters full of ethylene glycol, vinyl acetates, acrylics, and resins have turned these so-called Venetian Plasters into a cheap and shoddy commodity, chemically incapable of the depth of color, the play with light, and the longevity that the real thing naturally boasts.

Venetian Plaster in Master Bath lends tranquility and a spa-like quality.

A true Venetian Plaster in a soothing natural tone lends tranquility and a spa-like quality to this master bath. Interior Design by Nicole Fuller Interiors. Wall Finish by SuperStrata.

Authentic Limestone Plaster by SuperStrata in a Master Bath

As pretty as a pearl, a classic wall treatment when paired with non-traditional fixtures and contemporary art make this bath stylish, luxurious, and grounded. Interior Design by Nicole Fuller Interiors. Walls by SuperStrata.

Venetian Plaster in an Upatate New York Home

The high shine qualities of the Venetian Plaster wall finish are topped by a ceiling aglow with Marmorino plaster  with Mica flakes. Interior Design by Nicole Fuller Interiors. Walls and Ceiling Treatments by SuperStrata.

When installed as it was meant to be, with real materials, expertise, and craftsmanship, authentic Venetian Plaster is absolutely gorgeous, but when applied by untrained labor and contractors, the result is often inferior. This is doubly so when inauthentic and second-rate materials are employed to save on labor and cost. The old motto “you get what you pay for” is alive and well in the wall finishing business. Add the environmental benefits of using authentic limestone plasters to the equation, and the real thing always comes out on top.

Benefits of real Limestone Plaster:

  • Authentic limestone plasters are natural & GREEN
  • Mold resistant– less allergens
  • Natural temperature regulator
  • Low VOCs– no harmful vapors or chemicals
  • Made of plentiful natural resources
  • Truly time tested- Used for thousands of years
  • Highly customizable
  • Capable of innovative visual effects and patterns
  • Aesthetically superior to synthetics

Book Recommendation: The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors

The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors

The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors

The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors By Muriel Brandolini with Amy Tai and Principle Photography by Pieter Estersohn

The first of our book recommendations, The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors, was recently given to our creative director as a birthday gift. While familiar with interior designer Muriel Bandolini’s work, we had not had the pleasure of perusing this well written, beautifully photographed, and truly inspiring book. We quickly realized that it would make the top of our recommendation list; it is not only filled with jaw dropping interiors that infuse bold juxtapositions of color, texture, pattern, and periods, just what Muriel is famous for, but it highlights the sumptuous walls that set her unconventionally elegant stages.

Muriel Brandolini Fabric Walls and Ceiling

An upstairs bedroom in Brandolini's Long Island home's guest house. The space feels welcoming and secluded with walls and ceiling of matching patterned fabric. The bright magenta high gloss wooden floor plays off the walls and lends a glamorous edge.

In fact, creative and distinctive walls are at the very core of Muriel’s practice. As Wendy Goodman, the Design Editor of New York magazine, tells us in the introduction, Muriel “blazed the trail” in 1993 with her very own home. It seems the family was subletting an apartment that while perfect in so many other ways unfortunately boasted faux marble painted walls that did not suit her vision for the space. Worse, the walls could not be painted over according to the rental agreement. Never one to be put off, Muriel found an ingenious solution and  “high-tailed it down to the garment district, where she purchased colorful fabric scraps and then made them into patchwork wall hangings and curtains. The result took your breath away; she had set her course, transforming the apartment into a magical galley, a ship afloat in her unique bohemian glamour and offbeat sense of elegance.”

Bedroom By Muriel Brandolini with

On the Park in New York City, this bedroom has walls covered with squares of straw randomly rotated and adorned with handmade baskets from the Amazon.

Page after page illustrates Muriel’s unique style and flair for creating walls that are so much more than a backdrop. Never one to use wallpaper- she finds it “cold”- she embraces fabric instead and much of it is custom and embroidered or beaded. She has been known to use clients’ lives as inspirations for these creations, with words as pattern that are derived directly from their experiences.

Custom beaded wall covering designed by Muriel Brandolini

1960's plaid chairs from Italy embrace a steel table by Piet Hein Eek in this refreshing kitchen. The walls wear Holland & Sherry felt that is beaded with patterned happy "pills", each bearing a word from Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". More like a perfect kitchen!

Detail of beaded bespoke beaded fabric by Muriel Brandolini.

Detail of bespoke felt wall covering hand beaded in Vietnam.

In the book, Muriel’s musings on her relationships with her clients, her inspirations, life, and creative practice are ingeniously interspersed with clients’ reflections of the process.  The presentation of the designer’s thoughts followed directly by her clients’, is such an apt metaphor for the work and process, and more importantly for the final outcome. Each informs the other: client and visionary, lives lived and lives envisioned. Layer upon layer, a rich amalgam is revealed.

Muriel Brandolini embroidered fabic.

On the left, a wall covering with words from the owner's life are embroided onto a warm gray felt. On the right: an office with a hand-beaded circle design wall panel.

Chalkboard wall in a playful kitchen by Muriel Brandolini.

The well used chalkboard wall in this playful kitchen is the perfect juxtaposition for the 1950's chandeliers, custom stainless steel island, and Gino Carallo dining chairs.

A signature chair by Muriel Brandolini in one of her interiors.

A chair by Brandolini is accompanied by a "ring" coffee table by City Joinery. The walls in this home were "built to a size that would match the wall coverings" creating a seamless visual experience.

Muriel Brandolini Beaded Wall Treatment in an Entry

Signature style: custom beaded fabric bejewels this entry's walls with the lyrics from her clients' favorite Rolling Stones song.

Muriel Brandolini bedroom in horizontal stripes.

In a room meant for "both play and study" the designer along with Cameron Prather created a striped wall treatment consisting of padded felt rows. She calls them "sausage walls". We call them fantastic!

All interiors/images from The World of Muriel Brandolini Interiors By Muriel Brandolini with Amy Tai and Principle Photography by Pieter Estersohn


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Nicole Fuller's NYC living room in LivingEtc with lime paint an plaster wall treatments by SuperStrata

Interior designer Nicole Fuller's NYC apartment is an elegant "masterpiece". A custom lime paint finish in the living room is a collaboration between the talented designer and SuperStrata. See more pictures, including the custom beeswax wall drawing in the master bedroom, and read about the process in our guest post on Fauxology. Photo via LivingEtc

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